Helmick Doubles Up with Hellcat Challenger in Modern Street Hemi Shootout

ROCKINGHAM, N.C. – Veteran Barry Nall, who probably has logged as many laps at Rockingham Dragway as anyone else on the planet, used that familiarity to his advantage Saturday to turn back Laura Glasscock of Keysville, Va., in the final round and win the Top ET/Footbrake combo eliminator portion of the 29th annual Griffin Motors MOPARS at the Rock expo.

A five-time Rockingham track champion, Nall prevailed in a final between classic muscle cars. The Eagle Springs resident gave his 1968 Plymouth Barracuda an advantage at the outset with a .012 reaction time to turn back Glasscock’s 1971 Dodge Challenger, which was unable to duplicate the .019 package it produced in a semifinal win over the ’71 Dodge Dart of Stanfield’s Joe Hartsell.

Off the track, Best of Show Awards went to the 1970 Dodge Swinger of Randleman’s Tom Rich in the classic division, to the 2015 Challenger of Anna Konya of Conway, S.C., in the modern division and to 2016 RAM of Dean Craft of Myrtle Beach, S.C., in the truck division.

Stephanie Wolfe of Sherrills Ford took home the Editor’s Choice Award for her 1983 Jeep and Charlotte’s Queen City Challengers earned the club participation trophy.

Other drag race winners included Joshua Jones of Kannapoliis, who won the Charger Shootout, Joshua Gibson of McColl, S.C., who prevailed in the Challenger Shootout and Statesville’s Mark Dudley Jr., who beat David Horton in the Trophy Class final round.

In the Modern Street Hemi Shootout, New Bern’s Kevin Helmick was a double winner in his 2016 Hellcat and could add the King of the Street title which will be decided at the next event in the MSHS series.

Other winners were Brian Brunt of Wixom, Mich., Chris Detresne of Pomfret, Md., John Govenettio of Hamburg, N.Y., Don Springstead of Gillett, Pa., and Laura Willingham of State Road.

Results from the 29th annual Griffin Motors MOPARS at the Rock featuring the Modern Street Hemi Shootout at Rockingham Dragway. Hometowns are North Carolina unless otherwise indicated. Racing results include reaction time, track time in relation to target time and finish line speed:

Editor’s Choice Award – Stephanie Wolfe, Sherrills Ford, 1983 Jeep
Best of Show Classic – Tom Rich, Randleman, 1970 Dodge Swinger
Best of Show Modern – Anna Konya, Conway, S.C., 2015 Dodge Challenger
Best of Show Truck – Dean Craft, Myrtle Beach, S.C., 2016 Dodge RAM
Best Club Participation Trophy – Queen City Challengers, Charlotte
CHARGER SHOOTOUT –Joshua Jones, Kannapolis, 2019 Charger, .004, 12.597 on a 12.550, 100.78 mph, def. Greg Donaldson, Charlotte, .127, 12.240 on a 12.000, 112.28 mph.
CHALLENGER SHOOTOUT – Joshua Gibson, McColl, S.C., .352, 12.956 on a 12.900, 110.13 mph, def. Chris Martin, foul.

Round 5 – Joe Hartsell, Stanfield, 1971 Dodge Dart, .031, 5.537 on a 5.490, 119.90 mph, def. Walt Thrower, Willow Springs, 1967 Plymouth Barracuda, .125, 6.367 breakout on a 6.380, 103.57 mph; Barry Nall, Eagle Springs, 1968 Plymouth Barracuda, .007, 5.865 on a 5.850, 116.94 mph, def. Dennis Copple, Shallotte, .039, 6.387 breakout on a 6.400, 103.57 mph; Laura Glasscock, Keysville, Va., 1971 Dodge Challenger, .057, 6.504 on a 6.480, 103.54 mph, def. Darin Smith, Sanford, 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner, .127, 6.596 on a 6.580, 103.18 mph.
Semifinals – Glasscock, .017, 6.482 on a 6.480, 106.24 mph, def. Hartsell, .031, 5.517 on a 5.500, 122.39 mph; Nall, bye.
FINAL – Barry Nall, Eagle Springs, 1968 Plymouth Barracuda, .012, 6.165 on a 5.860, 91.59 mph, def. Laura Glasscock, Keysville, Va., 1971 Dodge Challenger, .036, 8.501 on a 6.480, 93.20 mph.

Round 3 – Unknown #2250, .414, 13.775 on a 13.750, 99.95 mph, def. Nat Wolfe, Sherrills Ford, 1979 Jeep, .278, 12.595 breakout on a 12.600, 93.63 mph; Joshua Jones, Kannapolis, 2019 Dodge Charger, .275, 12.761 on a 12.490, 88.95 mph, def. Unknown #985, .564, 13.031 on a 12.600, 108.80 mph; David Horton, Belews Creek, 1967 Dodge Coronet, .047, 12.826 on a 12.440, 86.14 mph, def. James Lowe, Colfax, 1969 Dodge Coronet, .031, 15.883 on a 15.360, 81.79 mph; Mark Dudley Jr., Statesville, .079, 13.733 on a 13.650, 84.00 mph, def. Unknown #258, .182, 12.136 on a 12.000, 113.25 mph.
Semifinals – Horton, .113, 12.862 on a 12.440, 93.88 mph, def. Uknown #2250, .471, 13.955 on a 13.750, 98.39 mph; Dudley, .099, 13.779 on a 13.650, 85.54 mph, def. Jones, .275, 12.508 breakout on a 12.550, 109.95 mph.
FINAL – Mark Dudley Jr., Statesville, .046, 13.715 on a 13.650, 90.54 mph, def. David Horton, Belews Creek, 1967 Dodge Coronet, .083, 12.539 on a 12.490, 105.76 mph.

Final Rounds
OUTLAW – Kevin Helmick, New Bern, 2016 Hellcat Challenger, was unopposed.
8.50 INDEX – Kevin Helmick, New Bern, 2016 Hellcat Challenger, def. Ron Polidora, Hubert, 1964 Dodge Polara.
10.0 INDEX – Brian Brunt, Wixom, Mich., 2008 Jeep SRT, def. Leanne Mayberry, Roanoke, Va., 2016 Hellcat Challenger.
10.50 INDEX – Chris Dutresne, Pomfret, Md., 2018 Jeep Trackhawk, def. George Fedrick, Manassas, Va., 2013 Dodge Charger.
12.50 INDEX – John Govenettio, Hamburg, N.Y., 2016 Hellcat Challenger, def. Steve Benecke, Havertown, Pa., 2017 Dodge Charger.

BRACKET – Don Springstead, Gillett, Pa., 2006 Dodge Charger, was unopposed.

ROOKIE – Laura Willingham, State Road, 2015 Dodge Challenger, def. Joe Grana, Pembroke, Fla., 2019 Hellcat Challenger.



Editor’s Choice Award – Stephanie Wolfe, Sherrills Ford, 1983 Jeep
Best of Show Classic – Tom Rich, Randleman, 1970 Dodge Swinger
Best of Show Modern – Anna Konya, Conway, S.C., 2015 Dodge Challenger
Best of Show Truck – Dean Craft, Myrtle Beach, S.C., 2016 Dodge RAM
Best Club Participation Trophy – Queen City Challengers, Charlotte

Outstanding Lester Labroski, Troutman, NC, 06 RAM
Winner Henry Grant, Sanford, 05 RAM

Outstanding Samatha Ortiz, Raeford, 09 RAM
Winner Doug Trom, Eden, 03 RAM

Outstanding Jeremy Hayes,Lexington, NC, 20 Charger
Winner Tom Morris, Granite Falls, NC, 09 300

Outstanding Mark White, Charlotte, 16 Dart
Winner Corey Kruger, Durham, 14 300

Outstanding Andrew Todero, Raliegh, 16 Charger
Winner Angie Rush, West End, 18 Charger

Outstanding Les Labroski, Troutman, 17 Charger
Winner Vicente Ortiz, Raeford, 19 Charger

Outstanding Johnny Lombard, Salisbury, NC, 66 Valiant
Winner Wade Dockery, Hamlet, NC, 73 Duster

Outstanding Drake Rumppe, Fayetteville, NC, 70 Dart
Winner Curt Young, Ridgeway, SC, 69 Barracuda

Outstanding David Campbell, Cola, SC, 68 Road Runner
Winner Mike Cook, Gaston, SC, 68 Plymouth

Winner Henry Joe King, Fayetteville NC, 74 Plymouth Satellite

Outstanding Ron Stark, Asheboro, 18 Challenger
Winner Hannah Wellman, Charlotte, 17 Challenger

Winner Dennis Smith, Charlotte, Challenger RT

Outstanding Kenny Rush, West End, NC, 10 Challenger
Winner Everett Jackson, Columbia, SC, 10 Challenger

Winner Mike Jackson, Wilmington, NC, 09 Challenger

Outstanding Scott Honstetteer, Zebulon, FL, 06 JEEP
Winner Kyle Shepard, Biscoe, NC, 14 JEEP

Outstanding Nat Wolfe, Sherrells Ford, NC, 79 JEEP
Winner Kane Beard, Fayetteville, 14 JEEP

Outstanding Tom Lauber,Asheboro, NC, 67 Dodge A100
Winner Jeff Stewart, Graham, NC, 87 Dodge RAMCHARGER

Winner James Riveland, Asheboro, NC, 86 Dodge 600

Winner Danny Mittlestaedt, Kernesville, NC, 49 Plymouth

Winner Brandon Melton, Salisbury NC, 95 Dodge Dakota

Winner Clay Morris, Lenoir, NC, 14 Dodge Avenger

Winner Theresa Parson, Graham, NC, 77 JEEP CJ7

Outstanding Max Reece, New London, NC, 70 Cuda
Winner Lehman and Teresa Barfield, Charlotte, 72 Cuda

Outstanding Mike Daurity, Sanford, NC, 70 Challenger
Winner Randy Debruhl, Charlotte, 70 Cuda
Earwood Promises ‘Business as Usual’ During Two-Year Transition Period

ROCKINGHAM, N.C. – Al Gennarelli and Dan VanHorn, two successful businessmen united by their passion for fast cars, have taken the first step toward becoming the new owners of Rockingham Dragway, the iconic Carolina facility that, upon its construction in 1968, was one of the first dragstrips to feature amenities like permanent restrooms, concrete grandstands and corporate suites.

Through a unique agreement with Steve Earwood, who has owned, operated and upgraded the multi-purpose facility since buying it from the L.G. Dewitt family in 1992, Gennarelli, 49, and Van Horn, 47, will spend the next two years observing events at the track and learning the basics of racetrack operation before assuming full ownership in October, 2022.

In the interim, Earwood emphasized that it will be business as usual at The Rock with a full slate of diverse events including this week’s 29th annual Griffin Motors MOPARS at the Rock expo featuring the Modern Street Hemi Shootout series VanHorn created in 2009 and in which he and Gennarelli both compete.

“All of our personnel will stay in place,” Earwood said, “and I don’t see any major changes other than we are adding more non-traditional events to our calendar, which has been one of our trademarks. In the past, we’ve hosted the Smoke Out Festival, Metallica concerts and the more recent Epicenter concert and we’re looking right now for opportunities to bring similar non-racing events to Richmond County.”

Gennarelli, who grew up in Pennsylvania but now lives in Gates, N.C., has operated Gennarelli Concrete and Construction for the last 22 years. In addition to pouring concrete, the company is involved in pre-engineered metal building sales, metal building erection and concrete pumping and recently added dump truck hauling to its repertoire.

On the racetrack, Gennarelli’s Dodge Challenger was the first Modern Mopar to break the 8.00 second barrier using a Gen3 hemi for power, posting a quarter mile best time of 7.85 seconds at more than 175 miles per hour. He also has driven the world’s fastest hemi-Jeep, stopping the quarter mile timers in 8.00 seconds.

“I’m looking forward to a new chapter in my racing career as a track co-owner with Dan VanHorn,” Gennarelli said, “and I’m excited to be able to apply my flair for business to my passion for racing.”

VanHorn, who lives with his wife Julie and children Dylan, David and Claire in Stafford, Va., comes from a military family and proudly served in the U.S. Air Force as an air traffic controller. It was in the service that he developed the skills that he would bring to the private sector where he has worked the last 23 years as an FAA controller.

Originally from Ocala, Fla., VanHorn, like Gennarelli, is a lifelong MOPAR and hemi fan. He has raced a Challenger in his own Modern Street Hemi Shootout series since he first conceived the idea for the competition 11 years ago.

“Now that my career as an Air Traffic Controller is winding down,” VanHorn said, “I am excited to be able to pursue drag racing at its highest level as a track owner, teaming with my fellow hemi racer, Al Gennarelli.”

Over its 52-year history as a major player in professional drag racing, Rockingham Dragway hosted major events sanctioned by the three organizations that figured most prominently in the sport’s development: the National Hot Rod Association, the American Hot Rod Association and the International Hot Rod Association.

Among the professional drivers who have celebrated major victories at The Rock are Hall of Famers Don Garlits, John Force, Don Prudhomme, Raymond Beadle, Kenny Bernstein, Joe Amato, Don Schumacher, Connie Kalitta, Bob Glidden, Warren Johnson and Ronnie Sox as well as “TV Tommy” Ivo, Darrell Gwynn, Jeb Allen, Ed “the Ace” McCulloch, “Dyno Don” Nicholson and Lee Shepherd.

“We have had a lot of offers to sell the business over the years,” Earwood said, “but one of my concerns has always been what impact the sale would have on our racers, our manufacturers, our sponsors and our fans. I never felt confident that they would be taken care of until I started talking to Dan more than a year ago.

“Now, though, with Dan and Al taking over, I believe the track’s future is secure and that it will continue to serve as Richmond County’s principal entertainment venue and visitor destination.”

Earwood, who was National Media Relations Director at the NHRA before opting to pursue his dream of track ownership, not only will continue to handle day-to-day track operations for the next two years, he will stay on as a consultant to Gennarelli and Van Horn after the sale is complete.

VIRGINIA’S LEWIS WINS ‘SCHOOL’S OUT SHOOTOUT’ MAIN EVENT Fayetteville’s Callahan 6-9 Age Group Champ as Rock Hosts Juniors from Nine States

ROCKINGHAM, N.C. – Virginian Lavar Lewis won Saturday’s Main Event and Jr. Dragster racers from Florida hoisted the trophy in four other races but Fayetteville’s Nolan Callahan kept the host state from being shut out in the School’s Out Shootout at Rockingham Dragway.

Callahan’s better reaction time enabled him to drive past Jackson Summers of Franklin, Ky., in a double breakout final round for the 6-9 age group championship on
Sunday. Callahan was .064 of a second under his 12.08 target; Summers was .069 under his 11.91.

In an event that attracted junior racers from nine states, Lewis cruised to victory in Saturday’s feature when final round foe Matthew Pilon of Clewiston, Fla., also was guilty of a breakout foul. Lewis, meanwhile, was safe with an 8.025 against a 7.980 target, mollifying the sting of a final round loss in Friday’s Gamblers Race.

The weekend’s only double winner was Austin Logan of Port Charlotte, Fla., who after beating Lewis in the Gamblers Race finale, picked up an additional $500 for winning the Golf Cart Race on Saturday.

Katie Sloat of Parrish, Fla., and Dylan MacNicol of North Port, Fla., were the other age group winners, Sloat in 14-18 and MacNicol in 10-13, and Sylvia Pilor of Parrish, Fla., won the Parents Race over Dwayne Stiles of Winder, Ga.

Outside of Callahan’s win, the best performances by Carolinians were Liberty’s Kristen Brady’s runner-up finish in the 14-18 age group and Alyssa Rabon’s second place in 10-13. Cam Whisnant of Dallas, who won the Carolina Coalition event earlier this year at The Rock, reached the semifinals in 14-18 before being ousted by the eventual winner.

ROCKINGHAM, N.C. – Results from the School’s Out Shootout event for Jr. Dragsters contested Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Rockingham Dragway. Hometowns are North Carolina unless otherwise indicated. Results include reaction time, track time in relation to target time and finish line speed:
Round 5 – Sam Harvanek, Cheswick, Pa., .028, 9.235 on a 9.150, 71.45 mph, def. Cohen Layton, Myrtle Beach, S.C., .060, 7.966 on a 7.900, 74.78 mph; Rowan Purlett, Mechanicsville, Md., .010, 12.337 on an 11.910, 48.05 mph, def. Jaidyn Phillips, Evans, Ga., .085, 7.918 breakout on a 7.930, 81.84 mph; Matthew Pilon, Clewiston, Fla., .024, 9.126 on a 9.090, 66.46 mph, def. Austin Logan, Port Charlotte, Fla., .004, 8.001 on a 7.900, 69.63 mph; Lavar Lewis, Mechanicsville, Va., .026, 7.986 on an 8.010, 78.72 mph, def. Nathan Tanner, Mechanicsville, Va., .051, 7.867 breakout on a 7.900, 82.16 mph.
Semifinals – Pilon, .121, 9.080 on a 9.050, 70.46 mph, def. Harvanek, .143, 9.130 breakout on a 9.150, 72.39 mph; Lewis, .015, 8.044 on a 7.980, 74.90 mph, def. Purlett, .089, 12.531 on a 12.040, 45.70 mph.
FINAL – Lavar Lewis, Mechanicsville, Va., .074, 8.025 on a 7.980, 78.92 mph, def. Matthew Pilon, Clewiston, Fla., .042, 9.111 breakout on a 9.150, 69.65 mph.
Round 3 – Peyton Shook, North Port, Fla., .059, 8.035 on an 8.000, 77.24 mph, def. Jaidyn Phillips, Evans, Ga., .118, 7.928 on a 7.910, 81.71 mph; Kristen Brady, Liberty, .034, 8.033 on an 8.010, 80.48 mph, def. Jackson Earwood, Cleveland, Ga., .069, 7.898 breakout on a 7.900, 79.46 mph; Nathan Tanner, Mechanicsville, Va., .030, 7.893 on a 7.900, 82.10 mph, def. Unknown #480X, .056, 7.933 breakout on a 7.940, 80.88 mph; Kattie Sloat, Parrish, Fla., .042, 8.092 on an 8.030, 76.30 mph, def. Cannon Stiles, Winder, Ga., .059, 7.899 breakout on a 7.900, 80.52 mph; Cam Whisnant, Dallas, .006, 8.059 on an 8.020, 79.57 mph, def. Tyler Vinacco, Port Charlotte, Fla., foul (-.005); Hayden Dial, Lumberton, bye.
Round 4 – Brady, .014, 8.020 on an 8.010, 80.74 mph, def. Dial, .028, 7.954 on a 7.900, 75.92 mph; Whisnant, .045, 8.064 on an 8.050, 79.32 mph, def. Shook, .084, 7.995 breakout on an 8.030, 80.17 mph; Sloat, .057, 8.068 on an 8.040, 78.75 mph, def. Tanner, no time.
Semifinals – Sloat, 012, 8.085 on an 8.070, 71.70 mph, def. Whisnant, .006, 8.118 on an 8.050, 70.10 mph; Brady, bye.
FINAL – Katie Sloat, Parrish, Fla., .021, 8.135 on an 8.030, 73.54 mph, def. Kristen Brady, Liberty, .202, 7.859 breakout on an 8.010, 78.00 mph.
Round 4 – Dylan MacNicol, North Port, Fla., .075, 8.876 on an 8.870, 70.69 mph, def. Justin Kerby, Hertford, .047, 8.957 breakout on an 8.970, 71.11 mph; Alyssa Rabon, Florence, S.C., .133, 8.915 on an 8.920, 72.67 mph, def. Ryan Leche, Moyock, .165, 8.685 breakout on an 8.720, 74.73 mph; Hailey Shook, North Port, Fla., .115, 8.115 on an 8.110, 77.51 mph, def. Ashon Sheppard, Church Road, Va., .144, 8.938 on an 8.920, 72.51 mph; Matthew Peterson, Punta Gorda, Fla., .097, 8.985 on an 8.970, 72.37 mph, def. Bladen Core, Benson, .097, 8.989 breakout on an 8.990, 71.52 mph; Stephen Sketton, Cleveland, Ga., .099, 8.820 on an 8.810, 74.63 mph, def. Quinn Gardner, Dillwynn, Va., foul.
Round 5 – Shook, .123, 8.124 on an 8.110, 75.91 mph, def. Sketton, .145, 8.835 on an 8.820, 74.07 mph; Rabon, .070, 8.916 on an 8.900, 72.23 mph, def. Peterson, .116, 8.959 breakout on an 8.970, 72.21 mph; MacNichol, bye.
Semifinals – MacNicol, .118, 8.889 on an 8.840, 72.23 mph, def. Shook, .220, 8.152 on an 8.110, 78.14 mph; Rabon, bye.
FINAL – Dylan MacNicol, North Port, Fla., .037, 8.871 on an 8.870, 70.79 mph, def. Alyssa Rabon, Florence, S.C., .112, 8.918 on an 8.900, 70.69 mph.
Round 3 – Jackson Summers, Franklin, Ky., .131, 11.909 on an 11.900, 53.67 mph, def. Kylie Mocny, Venice, Fla., .196, 14.308 breakout on a 14.410, 43.11 mph; Carter Jackson, Powhattan, Va., .140, 11.792 on an 11.770, 54.15 mph, def. Victoria Beaner, Labelle, Fla., .206, 11.938 on an 11.900, 51.79 mph; Hannah Sheppard, Church Road, Va., .244, 11.703 on an 11.710, 55.10 mph, def. Maeson Summers, Franklin, Ky., .263, 13.866 breakout on a 13.930, 36.13 mph; Kahlia Lewis, Mechanicsville, Va., .162, 12.002 on a 12.010, 53.63 mph, def. Tanner Mocny, Venice, Fla., .079, 12.059 breakout on a 12.140, 51.52 mph; Nolan Callahan, Fayetteville, .075, 12.080 on a 12.070, 54.41 mph, def. Bryant Crawford, Donalds, S.C., .034, 11.378 on an 11.310, 55.92 mph; Rowan Purlett, Mechanicsville, Md., bye.
Round 4 – Summers, .046, 11.960 on an 11.910, 52.82 mph, def. Jackson, .160, 11.838 on an 11.750, 54.06 mph; Purlett, .114, 11.879 on an 11.820, 55.30 mph, def. Sheppard, .319, 11.655 breakout on an 11.690, 55.49 mph; Callahan, .135, 12.046 on a 12.070, 54.36 mph, def, Lewis, .073, 11.960 breakout on a 12.000, 53.69 mph.
Semifinals – Callahan, .099, 12.106 on a 12.020, 53.69 mph, def. Purlett, .086, 11.849 breakout on an 11.870, 52.53 mph; Summers, bye.
FINAL – Nolan Callahan, Fayetteville, .064, 12.016 on a 12.080, 54.29 mph, def. Jackson Summers, Franklin, Ky., .083, 11.841 breakout on an 11.910, 54.00 mph.
Round 4 – Lavar Lewis, Mechanicsville, Va., .022, 7.954 on a 7.950, 80.33 mph, def. Nolan Callahan, Fayetteville, .025, 11.930 on an 11.920, 55.12 mph; Todd Futrell, Virginia Beach, Va., .073, 7.936 on a 7.900, 81.91 mph, def. Matthew Pilon, Clewiston, Fla., .091, 8.952 on an 8.930, 71.85 mph; Justin Kerby, Hertford, .040, 8.900 on an 8.900, 74.13 mph, def. Ava Ward, Anderson, S.C., foul; Austin Logan, Port Charlotte, Fla., .026, 8.014 on a 7.950, 79.52 mph, def. Quinn Gardner, Dillwyn, Va., .111, 8.111 on a 7.980, 81.41 mph; Katie Adams, Myrtle Beach, S.C., .526, 9.191 on a 9.250, 70.19 mph, def. Cohen Layton, Myrtle Beach, S.C., no time; Lauren Hudson, Davidson, .071, 7.905 on a 7.900, 81.57 mph, def. Tyler Vinacco, Port Charlotte, Fla., .069, 7,905 breakout on a 7.910, 81.92 mph; Hayden Dial, Lumberton, bye.
Round 5 – Kerby, .059, 8.911 on an 8.900, 70.81 mph, def. Adams, .036, 9.232 on a 9.190, 70.10 mph; Dial, .083, 7.964 on a 7.900, 77.59 mph, def. Hudson, .159, 7.932 on a 7.900, 81.49 mph; Logan, .015, 7.915 on a 7.900, 80.30 mph, def. Futrell, .024, 7.936 on a 7.900, 81.83 mph; Lewis, bye.
Semifinals – Logan, .034, 8.317 on a 7.900, 60.68 mph, def. Dial, foul (-.002); Lewis, .010, 7.915 on a 7.960, 80.30 mph, def. Kerby, foul (-.002).
FINAL – Austin Logan, Port Charlotte, Fla., .006, 7.931 on a 7.900, 79.94 mph, def. Lavar Lewis, Mechanicsville, Va., .035, 7.952 on a 7.910, 80.12 mph.
Round 4 -- Nathan Tanner, Mechanicsville, Va., .116, 13.643 on a 13.650, def. Kahlia Lewis, Mechanicsville, Va., .292, 13.094 breakout on a 13.170; Peyton Shook, North Park, Fla., .054, 21.655 on a 21.600, def. Jackson Earwood, Cleveland, Ga., .273, 13.544 on a 13.450; Ava Ward, Anderson, S.C., .022, 13.789 on a 13.890, def. Katie Sloat, Parrish, Fla., foul; Austin Logan, Port Charlotte, Fla., .054, 20.248 on a 24.000, def. Justin Kerby, Hertford, .460, 19.334 breakout on a 24.000; Santana McMillion, Virginia Beach, Va., .022, 17.196 on a 17.000, def. Matthew Pilon, Clewiston, Fla., .399, 13.891 on a 13.520.
Round 5 – Logan, .064, 15.746 on a 15.700, def. Tanner, .013, 13.585 breakout on a 13.600; Ward, .082, 13.855 on a 13.880, def. Shook, .117, 21.383 breakout on a 21.600; McMillion, bye.
Semifinals – Ward, .029, 14.780 on a 13.860, def. McMillion, foul; Logan, bye.
FINAL – Austin Logan, Port Charlotte, Fla., .044, 15.716 on a 15.700, def. Ava Ward, Anderson, S.C., .095, 13.946 on a 13.860.
Round 3 – Sylvia Pilor, Parrish, Fla., .024, 8.540 on an 8.540, 74.68 mph, def. Unknown #T67X, .099, 7.605 on a 7.600, 83.37 mph; Dwayne Stiles, Winder, Ga., .030, 7.836 on a 7.830, 79.93 mph, def. Danielle McCay, .060, 8.586 breakout on an 8.600, 73.47 mph; Brian Shook, North Port, Fla., bye.
Semifinals – Stiles, .024, 7.811 on a 7.810, 83.51 mph, def. Shook, .040, 8.354 on an 8.350, 75.38 mph; Pilor, bye.
FINAL – Sylvia Pilor, Parrish, Fla., .074, 8.606 on an 8.520, 72.94 mph, def. Dwayne Stiles, Winder, Ga., foul.